Mary Go-Round Pilot Script

Mary Go-Round Pilot Script


Ken Ludden
Paperback | 114 pages
107.95 x 174.75 x 6.6mm | 145.15g
Publication date
17 Feb 2012
Publication City/Country
London, United Kingdom


In 1993 the new LGBT weekly magazine, Michaels Weekly Entertainment Guide, ran a new feature column called Mary Go-Round. Within three episodes the serial story had become the most talked about item in Washington, DC gay life. The story ran for 54 consecutive weeks, and maintained its popularity throughout its entire run. In the next five years the series ran in New York, Miami, and San Francisco. In 1999 the portion of the story that dealt with AIDS was made into a stage play called A Time Below that was presented at the AIDS Theater Conference sponsored by AMFAR. It was also turned into a 20-hour epic television screen play that garnered much interest with the emerging LGBT television industry. Consequently, funding was found to film a pilot, and this script was developed and shot. By the time it was edited and ready for consideration 9/11 had happened and all scripts involving terrorism were out of consideration. Now, available to the public, the full pilot script is published.

Download Mary go round pilot script ken ludden (9781105546761).pdf, available at for free.

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